Leadership Development

Through the program, you will acquire the skills to become a leader. You will learn how to adapt to new situations. You’ll learn about yourself: what your strengths are, what you need to work on.
Most of all you will identify ways to use your drive and passion to achieve your personal and corporate goals and to realise your full potential.

The objective of the program is:

  • To identify your role as a leader and expectation of the business and the people they manage.
  • Provide clear direction to the team.
  • Adapt style of leadership and communication to each team member and the context of the situation.
  • Delegate tasks appropriately and effectively.
  • Give and receive constructive feedback.

What is good Leadership in a Competitive Environment?

A good leader needs to be able to build successful teams in a competitive environment, to explore the relationships between teams and know how to manage the consequences of winning and losing situations.
With a need to be flexible, organisations are increasingly moving towards operating in small integrated teams. Each team can become more closely knit and bury their differences in order to become more task oriented, However, If teams are then forced to work together, they tend to isolate themselves; hostility increases and intergroup communication decreases.

Someone has to ‘lose’?

Leadership concerns the skills needed to manage teams and groups in a competitive organisation, resolving the problems in a manner consistent with the leadership styles demanded by the ever vocal mantra – flexibility.

Leaders have to be more emotional than managers – they stand out by being different and this is why teams choose to follow leaders.

However in seeking out the truth and making decisions based on fact, not prejudice, they have to temper this emotion. Moreover they have to be able to think radically and creatively in order to ensure that their environment is positively competitive. And they have to teach their teams how to ‘lose’ – to use this experience to evaluate, to learn, and ultimately become more cohesive and effective.

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