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The Explorer Mindset

Senior Leadership Development Programme

Møller Institute at Churchill College,

University of Cambridge

in association with Coach Guru

Prepare yourself for new frontiers in Leadership

This senior leadership development programme is designed for the C-suite, partners, founders and other senior managers (with 8+ years management experience), and is sector-agnostic.

About the program

We have developed the Explorer Mindset, a unique senior leadership development program, to equip senior executives with the cognitive, emotional and behavioural resources required to confidently lead their organisations through one of the most competitive and unpredictable environments for centuries.

The Need for an Explorer’s Mindset

The gap between available technology and human ability to use that technology for creating a better world has never been greater.

The gap between a networked, interconnected world and the growing forces of nationalism and protectionism has never been wider.

Advanced robotics and ‘smart factories’ combining automation and artificial intelligence are poised to re-shape manufacturing.

The ‘gig economy’ and rise of flexible and remote working is already redrawing concepts of work and workplaces.

Millennials demand transparency and authenticity in leadership.

Organisations increasingly experience socio-economic and cyber risks, intense global competition and high-speed change.

Who is the Program for?

Whatever your background, academic qualifications or career path, the Explorer Mindset can help you achieve your development goals; a highly interactive and experiential programme that will cater for diverse learning styles.

Limited to just 25 participants, this all-inclusive full-board residential program provides access in Cambridge (UK) to some of the brightest minds, most engaging facilitators and most experienced leadership practitioners operating internationally.

This programme is for you if you consider yourself to be:

Excited by the opportunities and challenges presented by disruption and volatility in your business, marketplace, sector and beyond

A highly committed and self-aware leader; you know the world is changing; you know a new leadership mindset is needed to navigate these turbulent times

Ambitious and successful; you are always looking to improve your entrepreneurial and innovation skills so you can reach higher attainment and execute new ideas

Passionate about building the best organisational environment in which your people can excel in their performance

Open to exploring new possible futures, new ways of thinking and to challenging convention

Highly motivated to be a leader who effectively navigates your organisation through uncertain and challenging waters towards new horizons and opportunities

Proud to be considered a ‘thought leader’ in your field or an experienced ‘safe pair of hands’ by your peers. You enjoy making conceptual connections and being ‘in the know’

Invigorated by learning from some of the leading thinkers in leadership development and personal effectiveness, and networking with global business leaders

Engaged and motivated by peer networking, a leader who enjoys drawing on the wealth of experience of other senior leaders from different sectors and geographies

Excited by the immersive nature of a residential executive education programme in Cambridge, Møller Institute, Churchill College in the University of Cambridge.

Program Overview

Personal growth and team performance
  • Personal leadership development and personal brand
  • Self awareness and authenticity
  • Developing an effective leadership coaching style
  • Communication and impact
  • Managing and leading high performing teams
Organisational growth and development
  • Innovation and creativity
  • Value creation and organisational growth
  • Commercial and societal beneifts of leading a sustainable business
  • Strategy, competitiveness, complexity and futures thinking
  • Leading change
  • Organisational culture
  • Cross-cultural leadership and diversity
The five dominant forces

The five dominant forces outlined below are challenging ambitious leaders at a personal, team and organisational level. These will be inter-woven in the Explorer Mindset course:

  1. Implications of Globalisation
  2. Socially Created Information
  3. Resurgence of Nationalism
  4. Digital Technologies
  5. Millennial Demographics

While these factors pose threats and opportunities for all organisation leaders, the Explorer Mindset senior leadership development programme is designed to equip you with the cognitive, emotional and behavioural resources to confidently lead your organisation at this critical point in history.

Learning Outcomes

Personal Impact

Apply creativity and imagination skills to the leadership demands inherent in a complex, inter-connected digital world

Improve my decision-making by identifying and tackling unhelpful mind talk and cognitive biases

Gain awareness of management mindsets that I have become ‘stuck’ on and adopt new, more fit-for-purpose mindsets

Develop a deeper understanding of my personal purpose and its role in my leadership style

Draw on my purpose-driven management style as a source of empowerment, confidence and courage

Build on my positive leadership communication skills to develop even more impactful communication styles

At this inflection point, allow myself to step back from daily management pressures to develop personally for more effective and enjoyable leadership

Team Impact

Understand how to use my personal purpose to motivate my team to work together to achieve aspirational common goals

Understand the complexities of team dynamics to build optimum-performance teams

Learn how to inspire highperformance teams, drawing on values-led leadership

Understand the importance of innovation in leadership and how to execute a disciplined innovation process

Gain practical methods for developing a culture of innovation, creativity and collaboration among people in my organisation

Effectively communicate my leadership through the successful development and execution of organisational strategy

Learn sustainability leadership practices to drive team and organisational performance

Understand how my role as a coach makes me a more effective team leader

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