Train the Trainer

Every Organisation benefit from Train the Trainer training Program

Internal training and coaching is happening all the time

Sometimes, you need someone who understands your business, your people and can deliver an effective training session. Our interactive program will give your people the skills they need to deliver top-notch training.

Train the trainer program are a great investment. Not only are they are cost-effective, but they can help you to develop a real training culture within your business, making sure that your future manager and leaders have the skills and knowledge to succeed.

So everyone from full-time instructors to those providing occasional mentoring or guidance will gain invaluable skills from this program.

What makes a good training session?

  • Knowing your audience
  • Having good objectives – plan
  • Listening to participants needs
  • Enabling interaction between participants
  • Using questions – facilitate not lecture
  • Anecdotes and case studies
  • Reflection
  • Feedback
  • Evaluation

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