Explore Leadership and Create Vision for the Future

This innovative program explores Leadership and its enabling role in creating a generative vision for the future, a call to action based on a value based approach and aligning the performance of team members of differing maturity levels, work styles and backgrounds. The kind of leadership that makes sense of a rapidly changing and uncertain world and rewrites a future that moves the organisation and team forward.

The event is for all those business leaders and managers who wish to gain mastery of:

  • How to rewrite a future that is owned throughout the organization
  • How to create organizational alignment and coordinated action
  • How to deliver heightened value and contribute to sustainable organisational growth and marketplace success
  • What limits organizational velocity and how to remove that limit
  • How to drive performance of a team of disparate and non-hierarchical individuals
  • The language of high performance and how to apply it.

The Objectives:

  1. Participant would leave the program with the enhanced ability to exercise varying Situational Leadership style compatible with individuals, situations and uncertainity, for improved effectiveness and success.
  2. Support the participant to gain a deep understanding of and thereafter use leadership technology effectively as he / she engages with increasing Globalisation, heightened competition and accelerating technology change through the prism of leadership foundational elements, Relational intelligence and critical thinking.
  3. Offer a process that allows participant to step outside their existing Management and Leadership framework to spot entrenched behaviours and assumptions and replace them with new perspectives leading to new actions.
  4. Encourage the participant to use the event learning to address a real and live leadership case for himself / herself.


  • Experiential learning. Engage in self reflection exercises.
  • 14 sessions totaling to 8 hours (including breaks).
  • Participant would be required to study certain reading materials.

Who should attend

  • CEOs, CXOs, CLOs
  • Gen-next leadership, Divisional Heads, Senior Managers.
  • Mid level Managers.

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