Maximising Your Professional Success

‘Your limitation – it’s only your imagination’

The Event

This program explores what professional success would look like for you in terms of your performance, career and life. What is that which blocks you from achieving professional success? What practices could you adopt to remove such blocks and maximise your potential?


  • Leave the program with a crystal clear understanding of the factors that effect your professional success.
  • Gain awareness of obstacles to realizing your potential and how you could manage them effectively.
  • How to influence others and build support for development of your skills and confidence.
  • How to optimise your professional relationships which would support growth and success.


  • Experiential learning. Engage in self reflection exercises.
  • 7 sessions, activities and Laboratory totaling to 8 hours (including breaks).
  • Participant would be required to study certain pre- workshop reading materials.


Just about anyone who remains passionate to improve personal effectiveness and achieve professional success.

Take Home:

Ability to use Maximise your Professional Success ( MYPS) tools for breakthrough effectiveness and success in career and life.

Your own risk-taking and effectiveness profile, work sheets.

Engagement Post Workshop (Optional)

Post workshop, once a month ‘one to one’ 30 minutes executive coaching sessions would be available to each participant over 2 months to support them in their MYPS journey.

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