Executive Search

Global economy has shown a rapid growth over last few years. The workforce too has become global which has made the recruitment process more rigorous and diligent. We step in to engage with organisation to fill this gap across geographies and varied organisation cultures by finding the right candidates for a prolonged and productive relationship with the respective organisations.
We are more than the headhunters as we work with our clients as partners rather than consultants. We offer them comprehensive knowledge of the markets. Our prime forte is our ability to pinpoint the specific skills that determine success, personalised person-job and person-culture fit helping predict future performance.
We focus on matching hiring companies with candidates with the right skills. We have driven experts in our organisations who carry in-depth knowledge of the job market which gives us firm foothold in understanding the needs of businesses which results in isolating and selecting the most qualified candidates. We are looking at partnering with organisations in hiring mid-level to senior level employees.



Insight into Client Needs & Requirements

Our first step towards searching the candidates commences with developing an in-depth understanding of the hiring organisations. We outline and analyse the business, sector, business goals, desired business outcomes, team objective, the top leaders and their vision, organisational culture, and search requirements. This gives us a bigger picture and helps us in firmly establishing person-organisation fit.

Understand Candidate Specifications & Responsibilities

Post our in depth understanding of the organisation, we delve deeper into creating a compelling candidate job profile. Our search team determines the industry experience and skills needed to fit the created profile which helps in an effective targeting of prospective candidates. We follow ASK (Attitude, Skills, and knowledge) model to screen the right fit for the job and the organisation. We go a step further than the defined JD.

Design Search Strategy

We do not pick and horde CVs from the portals and dump it on our clients. We have established our own repository by thoroughly searched market mapping of candidates in various fields. We have drawn industry-leading best practices. We apply a set of tested methods, approaches, and techniques that not only delve into the candidate’s personality and aptitude, but also their core beliefs, values, potential, and motivations.
We prepare our initial list of profiles for deeper study and selecting the right candidates for initial review with them.

Screening Process

Post the preparation of our list of candidates, we start the deeper assessment of the candidate through initial interviews. Our screening process consists of more than three interactions with the candidates with different level of interviews. We identify the core skills matching the job specifications. Our process involves comprehensive interviews that also incorporates the client’s own specific questions and requirements.
We keep atop the goal to ensure the right fit for your company. Our search team works at tandem with the HR teams.

Hiring Assessment with the Client

We invest and support our clients in their success. We assist the organisations not only in evaluating and presenting the very best talent but also facilitate in negotiating offers and any other requirements concerning the role.