Heightened business performance

In The Middle East

The objective of the program is:

Our promise to the participants of the Workshop would be, “You will leave the program with heightened awareness of the cultural nuances and sensitivities of the middle east and its markets. You will learn how to identify, scope, manage and successfully handle client expectations and execute critical decisions to achieve organizational objectives.”

The Workshop would address the following key questions:

  • What ability do we need to develop to effectively lead and manage colleagues and business partners in the Middle East?
  • What aspects do we need to be aware of regarding the socio-cultural interface with Business?
  • What gender specific issues do we need to be conscious of and its impact on work culture?
  • How could we recognize the business and relationship impact of clans and tribes in the Middle East? How could we leverage this as also avoid pitfalls?

The Workshop content and delivery would be aligned keeping in mind the background of the participants.

Post Workshop, the presenter would be available to support the participants to overcome hurdles and challenges through a “Develop your Cultural sensitivity” coaching call over a one month period.


The workshop sessions would be delivered through PowerPoint and would incorporate videos (internet connectivity would be required), break assignments, Role plays and Coaching sessions which would address specific issues with the objective of upgrading effectiveness of the team in Arabic Countries.

Pre-workshop questionnaire will be circulated and pre-workshop reading for participants would be a must.

Facilitator shall speak individually to each participant prior to the workshop so that on day of workshop we hit the ground and start running.

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