Managerial Effectiveness

for a fast changing environment

“The true measure of the value of any business leader and manager is performance.” – Brian Tracy

Objective / Outcome:

The Workshop is designed to improve the participants’ capability and willingness to operate within an increasingly uncertain environment, together with the ability to respond to issues over which organisations and management have little or no control or influence.

At a time when ever-greater demands are being placed on management to produce results, in an environment dominated by increased competition and technological change and advance, it is easy to lose sight of the key underlying issues that need implementation for sustained managerial effectiveness. The program would use wide ranging concepts of Management and performance laws to anchor this.

A key outcome that the program would strive for would be to instill a “Out of the box” thinking for managerial effectiveness in the participant as he develops the needed competences in the areas of situation specific team structures, coordination, communication, transparency and innovation.


The workshop consists of 8 sessions spread over 2 days. The sessions would consist of PowerPoint assisted lectures, videos, concept reinforcing activities and interactive group discussions.

Participants would be required to complete an online personality portrait, study reading materials supplied prior to attending the workshop as also engage in short assignments during the workshop.

Post workshop, once a month ‘one to one’ executive coaching sessions would be available to each participant over 3 months to hardwire the concepts and skills learnt and support them in their managerial effectiveness journey.

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