Public Speaking & Presentation Skills

“Many are ready to even die in battle, but few can face an assembly without nerves.” – ancient Tamil poet Thiruvalluvar


Presentations are a big and an important part of professional life whether one likes it or not. During the course of time one has probably been to hundreds, but occasionally one attends a presentation where the speaker really makes an impression, inspiring to take a certain course of action.
Contrary to popular belief, presentation skills are not something one has or does not have, they are something one can learn or develop. This workshop intends trains the techniques behind an effective presentation, and shows how to put them into practice.


  • To learn to harness nervous energies
  • Realize and make the best use of existing strengths
  • Look deeply into the weaknesses of the existing skills
  • Free up Body Language and learn the correct positive body language
  • Myths and Rules about Presenting
  • What one is and one is not allowed to do
  • Develop an individual presentation style
  • Stimulate easy interaction with an audience
  • Prepare for a Non-Linear Presentation
  • Ways of getting ideas across
  • How to be entertaining and stimulating
  • How to Create and use effective support materials
  • Begin implementing goals set during presentation skills

Workshop Outline:


Stop Shaking in your shoes-Overcoming the fear of public speaking

This looks deep into the reasons of this fear and addressing it. Participants would be asked to give a presentation to the trainer. A one on one session would help to ascertain the positives and the negatives. This would set the precedence for each to participate with their own objectives and goals very clear.


Anatomy of the Presentation Skills: What it looks like

This module would help the participants in the examination of the different parts of the presentation: powerful introductions, effective transitions and captivating conclusions.


Who are they: Understanding audience difference

The participants would understand the kind of participants and their learning styles. This would help them incorporate the same styles while presenting to them while adjusting their communication styles. This segment would help in Knowing and handling the know-it-alls, hecklers, talkers and bullies.


What is along: Visual aids

This module helps in selecting the right kind of the visual aids and also to use them appropriately.


How am I there: Communication Styles, Body language and dressing up

Assertive communication along with a confident and positive body language wins 90% of the battle. Right grooming skills top it up with successful tips.


Aristotle Styles: Ethos, Pathos and Logos

This module would highlight the three pillars of the persuasive appeals. These are the three essential qualities that your speech or presentation must have before your audience would accept your message.


Conversing like Socrates: Asking Questions

This is the ultimate cheat sheet of presentation skills. This module shows the importance of asking questions and asking the right questions to trigger the right kind of responses in the listeners’ minds.


The four P’s-Practice, practice, practice and practice

This segment would stress the extreme importance of practice before presenting.


The workshop sessions would be delivered through PowerPoint and would incorporate videos, break assignments, Role plays and Coaching sessions.


This would be a 2 day workshop which would incorporate the sessions mentioned above. There would be pre and post individual presentations done by each participant which would be followed by personal one on one session both the times.

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