Transformational Communication

Communication is one of the most important ingredients
towards building successful interpersonal relationships

Communication is one of the most important ingredients towards building successful interpersonal relationships. It forms the cornerstone of every relationship. Each of us has to be mindful during communication process. Mere realization of the importance of communication does not enhance it. This requires us to adapt and adopt a new way of communicating.

The reactive modes of communication impede and hinder collaboration. We often fall prey to protecting or controlling. There is a need to realize the powerful creative practices that enable self-awareness and the mastery of committed communication.

Communicating from a higher state of consciousness is an important condition for building better relationships and elevated organizations.

Program Overview:

The program’s main focus is acquiring skills that will help develop trust, practice through dialogues by understanding self and others. It will boost healthy relationships by increasing agility and ability in interacting with others and sustaining the same.

For Those Who…

  • Looking at transforming their communication styles
  • Avoiding or feeling anxious before critical conversations
  • Getting impatient when one is not heard or understood from their perspectives
  • Looking forward to be more assertive
  • Understanding agreement and acceptance for other’s perspectives and view points
  • Understanding the difference between response and reaction
  • Facing issues in managing relationships at work and home due to reactive communication styles
  • Constantly playing between being defensive and offensive

Program Objectives:

  • The workshop will help embracing a new mindset and set of practices to empower you and your Organization.
  • Adapt and adopt a new way of communicating (Developing empathetic style of communication)
  • Acquire skills that will help develop trust(Leading to collaboration at work and forging positive relationships)
  • Handling Perceptions (Them and Me-Understanding the bigger picture with others)
  • Practice through dialogues rather monologues (Agreeing and accepting & Discussion and Argument in Communication)
  • Boost healthy relationships by communicating effectively (Reactive Communication vs. Proactive Communication)
  • Holding crucial conversations
  • Ladder of Inference (Giving and Taking feedback)

Who should benefit?

This workshop will bring great value to the following:

  • Leaders and Managers
  • Sales Professionals
  • People with profiles where strong negotiation is required
  • People facing negativity due to various issues

A Multi fold methodology:

  • Experiential Learning Cycle Model is the foundation of the program. Reflection, sharing and discussion are essential elements of the program.
  • Appreciative Inquire will help the individuals explore their strengths and cope with change.
  • Commitment Activities towards the end of the program help translate the learning into an action plan

Engagement Post Workshop:

The workshop is a point of sensitization. Each participant will be able to gauge his/her action learning points with the facilitator through mails and will also receive learning tutorials.

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